Some Looped experiences may have the opportunity to rewatch the livestream through a video on demand (VOD) option. If an experience has a video on demand option, it will be stated on the ticket/event details page.

Video on demand access varies from event to event. Please read the video on demand ticket details page carefully to better understand when and how long you will have access to watch the content. If you have any questions, you can always contact Looped Support.

Your VOD ticket will appear on your MY EXPERIENCES page.

Video on demand on Looped works as an access window only. Your access to the content will expire at the date/time specified on the ticketing page.

Example, if your VOD expires at 6pm and the event is 2 hours long, you will need to start watching by 4pm in order to finish the content before your VOD time is up.

Note: a Looped video on demand ticket is not like an Amazon Prime video rental where timed access begins when you press play.

Your Looped VOD access is based on what is specified on the ticketing page at time of purchase. The access window will either be shortly after a live event, a specific date/time, or at time of purchase.

Please read the video on demand ticketing page carefully as we cannot extend time or offer refunds for users who miss their video on demand.

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