About the Looped Experience

Looped is the premiere platform where creators and fans connect and engage like never before! Here's a closer look at each type of interactive experience Looped has to offer:

Front Row Seat

In our Virtual Venue, we want you, the audience, front row center no matter where in the world you are! Our platform is designed not only to give you exclusive access to livestreams, but we want everyone in the audience to be part of it through our integrated interactive trivia, real-time polling, digital photo booth, fan chatroom, and more!

A front row seat on Looped transforms you from simply a viewer, to part of the experience! Curious to learn more about a front row seat experience? Read more about Brittany Broski & Sarah Schauer’s Night of B.S. event HERE.

Looped Suites

We wanted to take audience participation in the show to the next level with Suites!

With VIP Fan Suites, users can connect and hangout on video chat with fellow attendees during the show, building stronger fan connections like never before, while guest Suites give users the opportunity to have their own private watch party with friends. Suite members might even get the chance to be in the limelight and get pulled up on stage to hang out with the hosts during the show!

Want a taste of the Suite life? Read more about Snooki and Joey Camasta’s live episode of IT’S HAPPENING HERE.

Backstage Pass

Fans from all over the world can meet their favorite creators on Looped through live, 1-on-1 video calls! Our virtual Backstage Pass gives fans the opportunity to connect with their idols to share a moment, take a selfie and walk away with an unforgettable experience!

Want to see what it’s like for a fan like you to meet their idol? Check out Payton Moormeier’s backstage experience HERE.

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