The Looped app needs a few device permissions setup in order for your call to properly connect. Please review the following permissions on your device:

  • Notifications: In order for you to receive your call, notifications must be enabled.

  • Camera/Microphone: In order for the talent to see and hear you, the app needs access to your camera and mic.

  • Write access to Photos Library: In order for you take and save a screenshot of your call, the app needs access to your photos library.

All of these permissions are automatically requested when you join your first video call on Looped, so please be prepared to 'Accept' or 'Agree' when prompted.

If you accidentally deny any of these settings, you will need to exit the call waiting screen before your call connects and manually give the Looped app these permissions in Settings on your device.

You will likely need to select Request Another Call if you have to update the settings manually. If you continue to have problems, please contact support.

Permissions Walkthrough on iOS Settings:

Permissions Walkthrough on Android Settings:

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